About Minski Built LLC

Maintaining quality craftsmanship is our priority. Each person on our crew is skilled and experienced. The crew is small enough to maintain a high level of crafsmanship yet large enough to take on custom homes and commercial buildings.

Scott Kaminski, General Contractor, grew up in Oregon and moved to Darby in 2000. After working in construction for over 15 years, he launched his own contracting firm, Minski Built, in 2003. Scott's top priority is doing high-quality work that lasts. Clients appreciate his clear, friendly approach and his commitment to keeping them fully informed about the different phases of their projects. As one client said, "Scott does what he says he is going to do, and does it well". Scott's second-in-command is his yellow lab, Maddie, who specializes in client relations and jobsite safety. She also helps out on hunting and fishing trips, and enjoys riding the rapids of the rivers of Idaho and Montana.

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